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2014 Mixed Doubles Wrap Up

I wanted to provide a quick update to the results of the recent 2014 World Mixed Doubles Curling Championships.

This year, Laurie Weeden and I (Ian Palangio) had the right to represent Australia at the Mixed Doubles this year by winning the National Championships late last year.

Mixed Doubles is a smaller team of one male and one female curler with slightly modified rules, and has only existed for about 7 years. I consider it the equivalent of “Beach Volleyball” that emerged from the traditional indoor volleyball background.

From April 21 to May 1 Laurie and I competed in Dumfries, Scotland for the World Mixed Doubles Curling Championships representing Australia.

There were 34 Nations competing to become world champion. It was the first World Mixed Doubles Championships for both Laurie and I… and we learned a lot.

The field was split into 4 pools of 8 or 9 countries, in which we played each team in our pool. After the round robin the top 3 teams in each pool qualified for playoffs.

Our round robin record was 5 wins, 2 loses.
We lost to eventual Gold Medal winning Switzerland in our opening game. We also lost to last years Bronze medallists from Czech Republic 7-6.
We won against Poland, Romania, Japan, Slovakia, and Netherlands.

This qualified us for the playoffs, and we matched up against Spain. We lost to Spain 7-6 and were eliminated. (Spain went on to win the Bronze medal this year)
So, looking at our 3 loses they were against quality teams – including this year’s Gold and Bronze Medallists.

Laurie and I are pretty happy with the results - we played some fantastic teams. The field was generally young, specialised to the Mixed Doubles format, and very fit and athletic. We were proud, as always, to wear the Green and Gold and represent Australia well on the world stage.

Olympic Future:
Currently the Mixed Doubles format is not on the Olympic fixture. Only Men’s and Women’s curling is in the Olympics.
There is a possibility of inclusion of Mixed Doubles into the next Winter Olympic Games in 2018. We will know by this time next year if it is included, and how many countries will be in the tournament.

Cheers, Ian Palangio

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