Historic Australian and NZ Curling Video

Ok – Historic might be a bit dramatic. The video is from November 2004.

The video focuses on the last shot of the game we made versus China in the Semi-Final of the 2004 Pacific Championships to qualify the 2005 Men’s World Curling Championships. A simple takeout… but it’s hard to keep focused on process and not outcome with a ticket to Victoria 2005 on the line.

Interestingly in this video at the same time Japan is attempting a draw shot against New Zealand, which they missed. That qualified NZ for the Victoria World’s at exactly the same time. Hand shakes all around. And as it played out, NZ then qualified for the Torino Olympics in Victoria… so in a round about way that shot in the foreground was on the critical path for NZ to get to Torino.

Thanks to Steve Hewitt who thought to grab this moment on camera!


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