You Won Silver - are you happy with that?

Now that I've returned to Australia, a lot of people are asking about the Pacific's and how we did. When I reply that we brought home the Silver Medal - most people don't know if that is good or bad :)

In short - this is a fantastic result for us and the entire team is extremely chuffed with it. A silver is a good result in any International competition, but this is even more important for us when looking at the big picture - the Olympics.

To get there it wasn't easy - we had to win our last two Round Robin games against Korea (by stealing one point in the last end) and New Zealand. We then had to beat New Zealand in 2 Semi-Final games (both games were one point games that went to extra ends). They were all good/close games that we scraped and clawed and managed to win.

The top two teams at the Pacific's qualify for the World Championships in April 2008. So a silver or gold medal is necessary in our goal of playing in the World's this year. This will be our 4th year in a row representing Australia at the World Championships. It is the World Championships where countries earn Olympic Qualification points towards Vancouver 2010. I've already posted the entire Olympic Qualification process earlier in my Blog on November 3, 2007.

So while we currently are currently are tied for 8th in the qualification process - we needed to ensure we maintain or improve on that placing. This will require returning to the Worlds and gaining more points. So finishing in the top two at this Pacific's was our goal - and now we need to have a good tournament at the World Championships to earn more points!

While winning the final would have been nice - China played a great game and deserved the win. If you look at the past 7 years since I've joined the team - Australia is the only country to be on the podium at each Pacifics. Since 2001 we have brought home 1 Bronze, 4 Silver and 2 Gold medals. Not bad for a competition where all the teams are very close in ability - especially since we always arrive at the Pacific's as the country with the least opportunity for preparation.

Oh - and the Peking Duck was delicious too!

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